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Case: Istekki

Challenge: Developments in medical technology present healthcare ICT experts with new challenges. The criticality of data networks is evident: for example medical technology equipment, patient information system data and vital function data are now online and require an extremely reliable IT environment with top-notch information security.

Solution: Specialists from Cygate and Istekki Oy, an ICMT service and professional service provider for municipalities and the public healthcare sector, cooperated in building, for example, a fault tolerant data network for the Kuopio University Hospital. The network guarantees the safety and constant availability of critical patient information. The solution also includes a highly fault tolerant data centre network environment which serves as the service platform for Istekki and Istekki customers.

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Istekki Oy

Our partner Istekki Oy is an information, communication and medical technology total service provider. The company is able to compile and implement compatible solutions and joint high-quality services that meet the needs of a strongly reforming social and health care sector. A service centre for medical technology forms a part the company, which is unique in Finland.