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Case: Fintoto


High capacity to ensure uninterrupted operation of the online betting and totalizator systems especially when the bets are closing.


The equipment and platforms of the electronic channels and, finally, the equipment of the central totalizator system were transferred to Cygate. The bets placed by trotting fans at race tracks, the Internet and totalizator points are now processed by the use of new platforms at Cygate's data centres.

Fintoto Oy

The Lotteries Act gives Fintoto the exclusive right to organize totalizator betting in Finland. The company has a special ambition to organize the totalizator betting in an effective and responsible way, and to channel some of the money generated from the betting to promoting horse breeding and equestrian sports in Finland. Fintoto supports the complex ecosytem of equestrian management: wellbeing of the horse, horse enthusiasts and people who make their living through horses.