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Case: Bonnier Books

Challenge: Upgrading the servers to keep both the core infrastructure and data in the customer's own control. The aim was also better cost-effectiveness and easier manageability with lower resource costs.

Solution: Two SimpliVity Omnicube CN 3000 devices and professional services. SimpliVity's solution simplifies the data centre infrastructure by combining the storage system and the servers. This enables faster introduction, easier operation, more extensive scalability, and management with a single tool. The solution takes only a little space and saves in energy costs, maintenance and licences.

Bonnier is a media group working in TV, daily newspapers, business and trade press, magazines, film, books, radio and digital media. Bonnier has been publishing high-quality media products since its start in 1804. The company is wholly owned by the Bonnier family, which has been running it for seven generations.

Tammi Publishers, Bonnier Publications, MTV Media, FS Film Finland Oy, Readme.fi and WSOY are part of Bonnier in Finland.