Asset Publisher


Picture of Markus Kalalahti

Markus Kalalahti


Picture of Jenni Kiikka

Jenni Kiikka

Customer Relationship Management

Picture of Ksenia Sergeychik</BR>(on maternity leave)

Ksenia Sergeychik
(on maternity leave)


Substitute: Tiina Ruponen

Picture of Susanna Ojala

Susanna Ojala


Picture of Antti Lehtonen

Antti Lehtonen

Professional Services & ASOC Development

Picture of Petri Heinonen

Petri Heinonen

Business Support Functions

Picture of Antti Rajala

Antti Rajala

Network & Security

Picture of Reima Perho

Reima Perho

Cloud & Datacenter

Picture of Matti Pärssinen

Matti Pärssinen

Service Operations

Picture of Dan Strömberg

Dan Strömberg

CIO Office